This 1/32 scale Masterpiece was created by Jim Seidl. A builder
that has been building since the AMT and Monogram kit days. He
was inspired to get back into building, by this New Generation of
Builders, Customizers or as he calls us Artist. He is a Master at his

This Beautiful 1/32 scale Revell Snap Tite Freightliner's paint
scheme was inspire by growing up in the BJ and The Bear and
Moving On days. It has resin fenders, boxes and air cleaners made
by Jim. Aluminum stacks, bumper and tanks to finish out this one of
a kind Jim Seidl Custom Creation. Thank you for your contribution
to 1/32 Scale Customizing Jim, I am a big fan of you're work. Keep
Up The Good Work and Keep On Building.
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