I got started in 2006, probably the same way many people
have done. I ran out of ideas on what to get my kids for
Christmas. So then, I decided since they love trucks so
much, that I would customize some for them.

I'm very passionate about what I do. I'm a truck driver by
trade, passion for trucks started when I was a kid on road
trips playing the
"That's My Truck Game", from the back
seat of the car. I customize 1/32 scale
New Ray, Welly, and
Jada Toys tractor trailers. I don't build from scratch, as do
some of the modelers that build 1/24-1/25 scales. I do
scratch build custom parts for my trucks.   
I hope you enjoy my site as much as I enjoy working on the
models that I customize. So visit often, as I continue
updating the site with new projects. Thank You and Enjoy!
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About 1:32 Scale Customs
1:32 Scale Customs Goal
My goal is to make 1/32 scale customizing and modeling as
big as some of the other popular scales.

We do take notice to the newcomers on You Tube and
want to say that we appreciate the videos of original,
unique and one of a kind custom designs.
1:32 Scale News
Revell has finally made good on their word. The 1/32 scale
Freightliner w/ reefer trailer is here.

Go out to your nearest hobby shop, eBay or an online store
and purchase at least 2, to show Revell that we are here
and that there is a demand for the throwback Revell
snaptite kits.

This year we look forward to seeing lots of new people
interested in this hobby, joining the groups on Facebook to
learn more about getting started. I'm looking forward to this
year being full of new custom creations.

For the new comers to this hobby, if you haven't already,
join one of the 1/32 scale groups on facebook. Go to the
links page and click on the link for 1/32 scale mafia 2. Join
the group, ask questions and post pics of your models.

I look forward to seeing more custom creations this year, so
everyone Keep up the good work and Keep on building.
Checkout 1/32 Scale Customs The Store,
where we will be offering 1/32 scale:




We will also be offering some other things   
that deal with 1/32 scale modeling. We will  
announce them when they become             

Please bare with us as we add more            
products, while we grow.
1/32 Scale
This is something new that we will be    
doing here at 1/32 Scale Customs.      
1/32 Scale Model of the Month" was  
created to recognize the talent out   
there on 1/32 scale.

How this works is, I will be checking out
the 1/32 Scale Facebook Groups,
Facebook Pages, You Tube etc...  
When I find a model that I feel has
model of the month potential, I will
contact the builder.

It's time to step your game up if you
want your model to be chosen as 1/32
scale model of the month. I will be
looking for the next 1/32 scale all out
custom creation.

New builds will be the focus, but in
case there are no new builds, I will
choose an old build. So guys keep up
the good work and keep on building.

(Click here to see Models of the Month)
Built by: Jim Seidl